Entry #1

Halloween Animation

2007-10-22 15:05:50 by GroundZeroFilms

Hey, Brandon here from GroundZeroFilms.

We are making a animation for Halloween. Don't worry I'm buying a good quality microphone before I even think about recording this one. The sound quality on our first short was quite shitty. The script is almost done, and the animation will start sometime this week. Please watch it when it comes out, and thanks.

(Update 10/29/07)

Hey, Brandon here.

I was sick today. I stayed home from school and w/e. All I did was lie in bed and w/e. BUT the new microphone came in the mail today which kinda cheered me up, so the Halloween animation should be released in the next several weeks. I know it won't be released in time for Halloween, but we are trying to make the animation much better than the first one by taking our time on it.
Thank you and Hope you watch it when it comes out.


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2007-10-23 21:20:17

Send me a pm when it comes out so I won't forget :)