New Video. Love Letter.

2009-01-12 16:13:53 by GroundZeroFilms

Love Letter [hd] Enjoy!

Hey there.
Brandon has made a part for a Flash collab, that is going to be featured in two separate flash collaborations. They are going to be released around Halloween. Also more live films will be heading your way so check
Our Vimeo or our sitefor updates. Most of this is cause of a new camera. A new HDV camera.(High Definition for that guy who works out with his "walkman").
We love feedback, unless you're a douchebag ,or if you're a douchebag and happen to like us than that's totally cool with me.

-Brandon Morris

New Camera. New Site layout. More Films/Animations Coming. Also featured in several collaborations.

Groundzerofilms Site

2008-01-27 17:43:11 by GroundZeroFilms

There is gonna be a groundzerofilms site released with more episodes and live film skits. It should be up and running in about two months or before that. There will also be a forum to be debuted with it. Please check it out when it is finished. The domain will not be released until it's completion.


Even though progress through the halloween animation is going good now, we are not planning to release on newgrounds until next halloween. BUT it will be submitted to newgrounds as soon as it is done. Another episode is underway also, but I can not say much about it or I will have to kill you.
Expect these episodes to be 10x better than our first one, because we're actually taking our time on it.
In the other hand, we need more fans so tell your friends and what not.

Please add us and we will return the favor. Thank you.

Either put "Brandon" or "Scott" in the Subject box according who you want to talk to.

Halloween Animation

2007-10-22 15:05:50 by GroundZeroFilms

Hey, Brandon here from GroundZeroFilms.

We are making a animation for Halloween. Don't worry I'm buying a good quality microphone before I even think about recording this one. The sound quality on our first short was quite shitty. The script is almost done, and the animation will start sometime this week. Please watch it when it comes out, and thanks.

(Update 10/29/07)

Hey, Brandon here.

I was sick today. I stayed home from school and w/e. All I did was lie in bed and w/e. BUT the new microphone came in the mail today which kinda cheered me up, so the Halloween animation should be released in the next several weeks. I know it won't be released in time for Halloween, but we are trying to make the animation much better than the first one by taking our time on it.
Thank you and Hope you watch it when it comes out.